Friday, September 23, 2011

Sarah Gamutan- A Poem

Sarah Gamutan's poems have been published in many online literary journals including Carty's Poetry Journal, Western Australia Poets Inc. , The Beat, Literary Kicks, Haggard and Halloo Publications, The Camel Saloon, Rainbow Rose, Voxpoetica and The Sound of Poetry Review. She lives in Philippines where she works as a Customer Support Associate by night and a poet at heart by day.

Anti- Light, Down

The thunders are all creeping
in the dark thinking I can't hear
them. They peer into the window like
small monsters begging for some light.

I keep shooing them away- the howl they
make and the way they uproar the oceans
nearby. At night, I keep listening to the radio
to subdue the music that these corpuscles produce-

their grin makes the kittens at the pet room sick
and their loud cries make my eardrums burst into
animalistic craziness. They do the same thing
all over, in this dungeon, where my soul is trapped.

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