Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Devlin De La Chapa- A Poem

Yellow Bus

Rock paper scissors,
your hand on my knee
I stare out the fingerprint stained window

people are staring at our tiny yellow bus
trapped beneath the rain
mud puddles kick up, staining clothes

pretending I don’t feel you
I occupy myself with thoughts
that don’t pertain to you

only to your touch
now easing its way
sluggishly up my bare thigh

I wonder what my mother would say?
Or what my father would do
to you. . .us?

Or if our family priest will force me
into countless ‘Our father’s’ and ‘Hail Mary’s’
if I confessed enjoying this-you touching me?

I want to say something
about the rain, about you
but the bus skids to a sudden stop

and one of your fingers
accidentally pokes through
my flimsy cotton panties

I catch my breath
you catch yours
time stops, including the rain

except for your sweet
berry glittered lip gloss-
it continues to sparkle

DEVLIN DE LA CHAPA has been featured in Mademoiselle, Fangoria, Bloodlines, Orion Headless, The Camel Saloon, The Rainbow Rose, Catfishgringoriver, PostCard Shorts, The Carnage Conservatory, Black-Listed Magazine, and is scheduled to appear in Horror Sleaze Trash, Daily Love, Weirdyear, Drunken Absurdity, and Raven Images.  She was recently awarded Editors Choice at The Camel Saloon.  Devlin edits at  

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