Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweta Maloo- One Poem

Lured by a Fair Gypsy Girl

Roving aimlessly across the desert
I thirsted for water and warmth
I sat under the moonlight
waiting for another soul to pass by
She came
so beautiful and glorious
sashaying towards me
with gold coins clinking by her waist
harem pants gossamer-thin
breasts heavy and plump-round perfect
She came asking for audience
O fair gypsy, pray dance for me!
Acquiescent, she bowed to my request
Not before asking, “May my friend assist?”
Like a love-struck fool, I smiled yes
Until a slithery golden-skinned snake came gliding forth
Awestruck as I was,
the fair gypsy’s hips enchanted me
She moved, like a woman to a lover’s touch
My eyes met each thrust of her hips with delightful hunger
Her passion coursed through me like hot poisonous desire
The sweet poison spiralled
Snaking through every cell and pore of my body
For a split second, I felt the embrace of the golden-skinned reptile
As if the fair gypsy and the snake were One
I felt her skin, hot against mine
Burning me
I consumed her sweet fire or was it vice-versa?
Rapturous, drained, my body slumped on the desert sand
Was it a sandstorm that engulfed me?
Or the fair gypsy’s sweet poison had ravaged me?

Bio: I'm Janeswaree Sweta Maloo, a 22-year old girl, from an island called Mauritius. I write poems as a hobby. Only one of my poems has been published by The Rainbow Rose. 

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