Friday, August 19, 2011

Melanie Browne- Two Poems

Other writers have more fun

like sex orgies in hotels,
they Snort drugs off
paperback copies of
of Burroughs or Carver
or Vonnegut or underground
writers I should know of
but don’t,
other writers sometimes
forget to use deodorant,
they live in flop houses
and forget to pay their rent
while the more fortunate
of these wordsmiths
drink wine out of goblets
at writers retreats in
places like
other writers cut
their arms and
write graffiti in
all you can eat
pizza- buffet bathrooms,
they drunk dial
their friends,
ride bicycles
in the rain,
while I sit at
home watching
I Love Lucy,
laughing my
ass off,
wishing I had
some more of that

Do Cows believe in God

I don’t know,
I mean,
I’ve never
asked them,
they are always
so busy chewing
and mooing,
and they spend so
much time
napping under trees,
until finally,
the moon
the sun,
and really,
they just never get
around to
the question

Bio; Melanie Browne lives in Texas and writes poems and flash fiction.

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