Monday, February 7, 2011

Peter Magliocco- Two Poems

The Hip Lexicon of Contemporary Television

by Peter Magliocco

She's a T.V. personality ensconced,
"like bad putty,"
in late nite cable talk shows
mired by her endless Hollywood
tirades of unabridged filth.
She's a beautiful witch of plastic surgery
scalding audience ears
for viral words draw laughs
lampooning lascivious lasses
like herself while she
promulgates new media curses
no one can readily define.
Her ideal recurring guest
would be Charlie Sheen
just out of another rehab,
& she'd beg to screw him
despite Charlie's high class
love is still
a four-letter word
like shit tattooed on minds
transparent as windshields
of her expensive Jaguar
vandalized by teen wannabe
werewolves stalking her
tonight after the show; unfortunately
not one can read her bestselling book
about date rape with Eskimos,
& it doesn't take her long
to regret not describing all this
with the most obscene curse words ever
her bleeding lips can't utter.


If Only Charlie Rose Could Hear This

by Peter Magliocco

They stand outside my digital realm
provoking vocal dissents & dissonance

From dungeons of mental chasms
countless T.V. viewers mildew in

With my unheard words faltering
beyond any actual commiseration

Bleeping out (in exquisite fury)
a telepathy of unborn shadows

Someone sings to me today
about the imminent fall of Egypt

Beyond veneration we abandon
graceful things clogging windowsills

Where Poe's black cats sit drowsing
& with jade green eyes half-lidded

Their evil rectitude still hovers
like lingering ectoplasm vapors

Siphoning desire from all those
unlucky humans still inside

Never noticing the flight now
of summer sparrows bristling

Through antique wooden frames
to mend the broken glass of time



-- Peter Magliocco writes from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he's edited the lit-zine ART:MAG for over 20 years. He has recent poetry in HEELTAP, SCYTHE, GOLD DUST, THIS, DEUCE COUPE and elsewhere. His latest chapbooks are Nude Poetry Garage Sale (Virgogray Press) and The Heaven of Words (Propaganda Press). He was Pushcart Prize nominated for poetry in 2010.

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