Monday, February 14, 2011

Gordon Mason- Three Poems

Café Solo

A visitors’ book lies
unopened and unsigned.

I look at my face
in a glass of black coffee

fringed by a caramel corona.
The glass shakes in my hand.

My face creases into fluid forms,
shifting skin.

I drain the glass
of this lonely thirst.

A visitors’ book lies.


Hour After Hour


stamped with forced heels and soles
trenched with the labour of ignorant dragged feet
spotted with the youth of innocent skipping feet
            one hour after
            the first fall

pastry cutters


stamped with forced heels and soles
            one hour after
            the second fall

one hour after
the oven fired



a twisting tower of bamboo steps
a handrail that will snap on touch

it curves to the skies with one point
off which you will jump

jump and fly past a brittle criss-cross
of broken dreams, shattered in transit

unstable ladder now
it has no feet and leads to the horizontal
from a vertical past

feet that have trod on layers of rests
are silent - no more to sound on cracks
slung together by sounds of trumpets

the messenger of the horn, the coming of bamboo
the curtain has been pulled back, wrenched aside

and yet it still goes round and round, up and up
there is only free air, free space

a catalogue of emptiness from which you can order
peace on wires of knowledge
vision on eyes of hawks
strength on strings of violins

“come back to earth” the planets cry
from far reaches of a spotted tar sheet

Man has travelled and left his footprints

echoes into our thoughts
taken over by others


Gordon Mason divides his writing time between Scotland and Spain. Born and raised in Fife, Scotland, he has been a member of The School of Poets at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh. His first collection of poetry entitled 'Catapult to Mars' was published in 2006 by Poetry Monthly Press, and in 2010 further ebooks 'Black footprints in the frost' (Catapult Press) and 'Thunnerplump' (The Red Ceilings Press) were published.  His poetry has appeared in more than 30 publications and he has been included in Poetas Para El Siglo XXI. 

He shares his poetry at and invites other poets to share some of their work here too. Many poems are in two languages. Poems can be in English, Scots and/or Spanish.

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  1. All very beautiful poems. Such eloquent use of language. I love the "carmel carona" image. I found myself gasping when I read the last line of "Hour after Hour." Can you hear my applause? posted by Vivian @