Sunday, October 23, 2016


Dead Snakes closed back on June 27, 2016. 

Hopefully in the near future Dead Snakes will return.  Perhaps we are not dead, but just hibernating… 

Dead Snakes will remain with the archives open.  Please comment on the poems, photos, and art…  Their creators still visit the site and love to hear from you and your opinions.

I also closed UFO Gigolo and Calvary CrossFeel free to visit them and the archives.

And perhaps UFO Gigolo is orbiting Mars and will return…  And I know my Lord will forgive me for closing Calvary Cross, for only He knows the full story.

I’m still on Twitter as papapoet.

Take care my friends,


  1. You take care of yourself, Stephen.

    I enjoyed and other readers might also enjoy your online chaplet of poems, Dark Flowers, on Black Poppy.

    Jordan University

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  4. live long and prosper, stephen.
    your poetry site was a breath of epiphany in a genre that still clings to an MFA tradition of stagnation.

    i will be looking for dead snakes to rise from hibernation.

    later days,
    henry 7. reneau, jr.

  5. geez, Steve, I just wrote a few again for the first time in a while and was planning on submitting. :-(

  6. Great to hear from you, Stephen. Hope all is well. All the best.

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