Sunday, March 1, 2015

James Babbs- Two Poems

December 30th

it’s snowing harder now
more than it was
the last time I checked
I’ve got the eggs boiling
I can hear them bumping
against the sides of the pan
pouring the last of
the coffee into my cup
before rinsing out the pot and
I’m home on vacation from work
thinking about calling you later
what your plans are
for new year’s eve and
it doesn’t make any difference to me
whether I get to see you or not
I already know
no matter what
I’m going to get drunk


I just wanted to enjoy
a couple of beers after work
but it turned into a fight
between me and my woman
she kept screaming about
how I never wanted to do anything
but sit around the house drinking
she always wants to get dressed up
and go running out to the clubs
I told her to go ahead
I wasn’t going to stop her
but then she stormed off to the bedroom
muttering something about me
never wanting to take her anywhere
she doesn’t care where we go
as long as we’re going
a lot of women would appreciate
a man who liked to stay at home
maybe after I finish
a couple more beers
I’ll go in there and tell her

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