Sunday, March 1, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Washington DC

the victim played,
a role perfected,
for this day and age,
always someone else to blame,
talk cheap,
only bullshit and brainwashing,
but no debate,
the clock ticks down to zero.

thought police,
roam the streets,
with power and means,
to intimidate,
healthcare and taxes,
carrots and sticks,
used to correct citizens' thoughts,
freedom of speech,
and religion,
for everyone but Christian or Jew,
America the free,
a bitter joke,
the president speaks on the television,
taste the bile in thy throat,
elections matter,
this on America's soul,
so when the flames of hell come,
burning the idle and the ignorant,
know this, 
payback a bitch.

Department of Homeland Security,
protecting the motherland,
akin to the KGB,
spying for their masters,
citizens watch your back,
you are expendable,
immigrants are on the way.

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