Thursday, July 24, 2014

Richard Schnap- Three Poems


During her high school prom
She spent the night praying
In a local church

For she was always the one
Who boys considered
Only a friend

And when she became a teacher
She would imagine her students
Were the children she never had

Especially the girl
Who was quiet and shy
And wore a tiny cross


She wanted to somehow make
A mark upon the world
To fill the hole inside her
Her brutal father had dug

So when she heard of a woman
Who descended into madness
While longing to be an artist
She wrote her biography

How she went to New York City
And painted its majesty
Till the demons that haunted her
Painted it themselves

And when the story ended
She wondered if someday
Someone would write one of her
Or if she already had


He looked into the mirror
At someone else’s reflection
A boy in a black leather jacket
Holding a broken guitar
He was standing in a cheap room
With a stained mattress behind him
Upon which a drunken woman
Slept in another man’s arms

And he seemed to know this boy
As if from a previous life
When the world was a grey landscape
Underneath an overcast sky
And he seemed to hear the boy speak
Saying “Be careful what you wish for”
As if he had learned that in life
We can become our own worst enemies

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