Saturday, July 12, 2014

Douglas Polk- Two Poems


where freedom reigns,
not in what is written,
or what is said,
freedom now reigns with the attacking mobs,
free to discredit another's character,
or point of view,
and take his wealth,
free to isolate and classify,
and ignore his rights,
individuals matter not in the least,
unless they be a deserter,
then the government will throw them,
the prodigal feast.
Nation States

nations crumble,
laws abused and reinterpreted for the benefit of a sex,
or race,
or a group of terrorists,
or a political party,
nation states threatened by tribal demands,
and nationalities from a bygone era,
overlords monitor citizens,
claiming the need to protect,
while the world blindly reels closer and closer to chaos,
and armed conflict,
ineptitude seems the word of the decade,
and the goal of the day.

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