Monday, May 26, 2014

Wayne Russell- Three Poems

the mad ones 

oh give me the mad
any day over the sane
give me 
the drunks 
the wanderers 
the reckless recluses
the homeless vagabonds 
the thieves of the night
the wreckers of cardboard boxes 
in the virgin dawn
the catchers of beer buzzes at 9 a.m.
to combat last nights hangover. 
give me the stars 
not painted by the normalcy 
of the great 
"I am".
give me the belly laughs of lunacy
found inside the roadside juke joints 
that my father used to reside in 
night after night after night
not the pseudo throaty chuckles 
that you may find in business seminars
after the stalest of jokes. 

freeing the caged bird 

the music pulsates without 
bondage seeping in to my heart 
slowly tying the noose of 
cryptic metaphor  
and killing my soul 
it shatters like a wave upon a stony shore 
plummeting to the floor 
it scatters into a million pieces 
the music still doesn't care 
it blares methodologically
from computer speakers  
the blood still slides across white tiled floor 
frozen thought 
seizing the moment of exile 
death can't be that far away now 
oh but 
can it really free this bird
far to long? 

Passing Through Andorra

The ghost of the past 
swim through branches 
naked and reaching.
Fog swirls like a horrid 
dream never ending 
painting a ghastly 
tapestry. An ominous 
sun fades from view
it seems to be playing 
gorilla war fare within 
thin veiled clouds of both
luminous and treacherous
meanderings. Emotions stirred 
so richly cloaked in the 
brilliance and indifference of
dancing infusions. The innocence of
shadows at play upon a lake beneath 
that mirrors the soul of silent splendor.

Her eyes awoke in the morn and wept 
paralyzed by the dawn.  


Wayne is many things a singer, a poet, a believer, a wanderer and a vagabond soul. He started writing poetry as a child to help combat an unhappy upbringing.

Wayne has been published about forty five times over the years in such literature anthologies and magazines such as Quill Books, Fat City Review, Harbinger Asylum, Greek Literary Review, and Far Off Places. 

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