Monday, May 19, 2014

Samson Cray- A Poem

The Fall

You may not even know until you hit the ground
That you had been falling this whole time
You felt nothing while you were in the air
And you loved it
After living your whole life stuck on the edge of the cliff
The open air seems inviting
So you take that first step into the unknown
Ignoring all the warnings you’d been told your whole life
How can it be dangerous?
There is nothing there
From the top of the cliff you can’t even see the ground
It’s just clouds
As you fall, your eyes are opened
There is more than just that cliff
So much more
And it is beautiful
And this feeling as you float down
Not worrying about anything but this moment
But now you’re no longer floating
You’re picking up speed
Falling faster and faster
You’re terrified
But there is nothing you can do
So you keep falling
Faster and faster
Until you hit the bottom
And wish the fall had killed you

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