Monday, February 11, 2013

Ross Vassilev- A Poem

look up at the clouds

if I'm an idiot
well, it runs in the family
so it's good enough
just lying on the couch and letting the tv drone away.
the sky doesn't care if I get a job.
the Americans will still march off to war
as I try to glue together the pieces of my mind.
I fear and I sweat.
I go for walks along the beach by the lake.
I hate ominously.
I stare at women and girls just to make them nervous
the same way people used to stare
at my crooked legs.
I'm perfectly justified
though a psychiatrist might think otherwise.
I look up at the clouds as the wind picks up.
I fear this story will have no happy ending and maybe not
even a mild contentment.
please turn out the lights when you leave
and close the fucking door behind you.

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