Monday, February 11, 2013

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

over apologetic
all the apologies i need to make will
not fall down from the heavens in rain;
perhaps, that's why i over compensate now -
the guilt of those i've wounded in past battles
make me wish never to inflict offense upon
anyone especially not the one i truly love,
and so i drown you in my over apologetic nature
because i've used enough words to destroy i want
to keep some to fuse and repair the fissures made.

a bitter lot
the prospect of losing you upsets 
me as i float toward entropy -
no one can fathom the depths of my
love for you, and seeing your handsome
face has granted me wings i otherwise
would not have; you are a dream come
true and leaving here makes me feel
a cold sting of loneliness i thought had
long since been forgotten, but i have no
choice as i'm being driven away due
to dire consequences and people that cannot
understand that we were destined for one another.

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