Thursday, May 24, 2012

Linda M. Crate- Two Poems

citrus & arguments 
you sweat of citrus, I’ve always 
been fond of the fragrant fruits —
but never of you; we fight like
two pears grappling for the same
ray of sunshine, instead of taking
the high road and deciding it’s
nothing to argue about; neither of
us wishing to concede that we’re
wrong; you glare at me with the
force of walnuts dropping on my
head hurtling with the speed of time —
it’s a good thing that looks couldn’t
kill for you’d have killed me several
times now; I’d be a ghost lingering
around the smell of citrus, drinking
in it from a distance so I didn’t
have to converse with you again.

death by linnet 
you ate my soul, so I ate your heart;
it only seemed fair, you syphoned out
the part of me full of hope, so I would
wrench free that part of you always 
wishing that it could be freed, your
pretty white teeth flashed in fury at 
this admission of mine; just be grateful
than I can put up with you voodoo man;
not all could stand that hunchback 
wart that you call a face, I only stick
around because I like to hear the secrets
of the ghosts wailing in the wind, you
tell me it’s rude to eavesdrop, but their
lives are more enthralling than your
tales of bloodshed and terror that 
could bore an owl into an unintelligible 
stupor; linnets wings flash upon your
tongue, he traps you in his void belly;
then marries your goat and runs away —
I am left in the wake of your face hanging
in every crevice of white fog night kisses.

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