Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A.g. Synclair- A Poem

An Ordinary Madness

There is nothing very ordinary in this madness
in the way we devour each reconstructed day.
Ordinary is the simple movement of a clock
or the weary assumptions of life that push
us upward each morning. Madness is the act
of conversing with birds, of drinking in a 
well-lit bar. One day you will find yourself
surrounded by trees, surrounded by the 
madness of a solitary life, surrounded by
a vast army of debuts and farewells.

© 2012 A.g. Synclair
A.g Synclair is the editor & publisher of The Montucky Review, a journal of poetry and prose. His work has appeared in numerous online an print publications. He lives, writes, and otherwise collaborates in southwestern Montana with his partner in crime, the artist and poet Heather Brager.


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