Monday, March 28, 2011

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal- 3 Poems


I see spiders all the time.
We are all spiders.
We got it on in Noah’s Ark
and multiplied in numbers.
We left great numbers
in Australia and Mexico.
We wanted to learn to
speak English and Spanish.
We did not care for other
languages, but we learned
to swear in every language.
We crawl everywhere
and spin webs. We eat flies
for the protein. We do not
like to eat them when they
are still alive. We’re not pigs.


I have a beautiful mind,
just like the movie,
a beautiful mind.

I am God’s child.
I was bathed in the blood
of Jesus Christ
to protect myself from
the witchcraft of warlocks.

I do not take medication
from the beady eyed
doctor. If anybody needs
medicine, it’s him.

I can read, write, do math.
I have all my faculties
intact. You could test me.
Pencil pushers and computer
wizards can’t prove that
I am a mental case.

I have a beautiful mind.
Don’t you think so?
Have a good day and
tell your friends about me.


I see officers
in monkey suits
shooting at me
with banana guns.

I hear voices that
want to insert
madness into
my mind forever.

They command me to
cut myself and
swallow coins, pins,
and toothbrushes.

The coins will make me
rich once they turn
into gold as
I slip into death.

The pins will bring me
back to life as
the pain will bring
a jolt to my heart.

The toothbrushes will
keep my teeth clean.
The bristles will
tickle me and make me

laugh. The voices will
get jealous and
stop talking their
nonsense all day long.

Luis works in the mental health field in Los Angeles, CA.
His chapbook, Songs For Oblivion, will be published by
Alternate Current Press.

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