Sunday, June 26, 2016

Alan Catlin- Three Poems

Natural Selection

I don’t think
I was ever on an
actual date until
I was 25.
Even in high school
we did the natural
selection thing:
craft beers, home
grown and let nature
take its course.
Someone was always
the last one left but
they were rarely
left out completely.
It was all very basic,
maybe even crude
but it worked.
When someone
actually asked me out,
I didn’t know what
to do. It was kind
of a revelation;
“So this is what
dating is all about!”
I kind of liked it.
Even thought I’d try
it again some time.
Like when I was 40.

                                                1 Y

                                                He said
                                                he had a
                                                metal plate in
                                                his head
                                                of the V- Et- Kong
                                                and was damn
                                                proud of it
                                                Hated long
                                                haired Commie
                                                weirdos who beat
                                                the draft and went
                                                to places like
                                                college and didn't
                                                care who knew it!
                                                Thought I looked
                                                like one of those
                                                shifty types
                                                he didn't like
                                                I said I was
                                                one of those 1 Y
                                                crazies "A classic
                                                unstable personality"
                                                The Doctor had said
                                                Bad chemicals  I said
                                                They could go off
                                                any minute so don't
                                                mess with my head
                                                Which was Ok fine
                                                with him  He'd seen
                                                a lot of crazies
                                                during the war and
                                                he knew the terrible
                                                kinds of things
                                                they could do

                                                Self Portrait

                                                "You still look
                                                like a kid"
                                                He said
                                                "I've known you
                                                ten years and you
                                                haven't aged a day
                                                I ought to be
                                                ashamed of how
                                                much older I look
                                                while you just
                                                stay the same"
                                                I said
                                                "I'm the picture
                                                of Dorian Gray
                                                Inside I'm
                                                corroding  eaten
                                                up by whiskey
                                                and disease
                                                One of these days
                                                like Bowie in
                                                The Hunger you
                                                can watch me age
                                                a hundred years
                                                inside of five
                                                He laughed
                                                I guess he thought
                                                I was kidding


  1. Loved these! You really punch it home with these shorter lines and incisive tales.

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