Monday, November 30, 2015

Randall Rogers- Three Poems

I Love The Ugly!

I look at all the women
I am attracted to, and think,
gee, what about all the
women I'm not attracted
to? What do I feel for them?
Compassion, I tell myself,
infinite compassion.
Then, thinking further, and
looking deeper, I see that
all beauty is ephemeral,
and the only real beauty
is in the heart and mind,
and I say darn it all to heck,
I love the ugly!

Never Really That Wrong

Whenever I encounter
old people, I can't help
but think of all the broken
hearts and dastardly doings
they probably committed
when they were young,
supple, and strong. And
my compassion for them
seemingly is not so strong.
Then, some speak, or do
what they do, and I realize
instantly, this one, or these
ones, were, I bet, never
really that wrong.

From Now Through Forever

I know I should count
my blessings, but I
can't help but think
I should be blessed
a little more.
I just ask I feel
alright for the rest
of my life,
and I feel
best when and
after I die.

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