Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nihal Stic- A Poem

She told him Andy was coming to the
-Oh no does he have
-Of course he does
Andy always ruined everything
‘Handy Andy’
Always around when something needed
doing. Of course women loved him with his 
-Can I help you with that?
And –Shall we try this?
He said,
-Why didn’t you tell me
-Well I’m telling you now
-That isn’t before, he
pointed out
-Listen, get it into your
head that he’s coming
-Probably want to drive
you home too he complained
-Well he is my husband
She said and then giggled.

I perform spoken word under the name Nihal Stic.  My performed pieces are usually around the 100 word mark, I write short stories and I am currently working on a longer piece - incorporating many of these shorter stores in episodic form - called SNEER. I'm currently unemployed and previously worked in a factory making suitcases. I'm on  https://www.facebook.com/PunkSingle and NihalStic (@NihalStic) on Twitter

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