Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Stefanie Bennett- Three poems

RELIC... MAY 6th 2002           
... Picking up shells on Long Island I’m
Remembering a displaced people
As the thin sea’s edge draws the firmament
In streaks of pale violet.
Trade goods would have been exchanged here
... Copper kettles for wild game,
Squash, and field-fruits awaiting
The scorched Metacom’s advance.
I dig my heels into quick-silver sand
Wet with the tide’s ebb
And reel at a faint earth pulse. All
Around are
Distinctive indentations.
Moccasin shaped –.
{Metacom = King Phillip}
RUMI & the new white-flag physics   
‘You can’t take the Kublai
Out of the Khan’
He said –,
Slamming the notebook
A sigh righted itself from
The doppler effect
To slide
Into the underlined
Boom of the times:
- Yes! And a tsunami of flybuy
The backwoods’
Of wild manna where
Had fancifully
The fallen...
Dexterity was put on hold
As the bombs dropped.
Submissively, the woman
Tossed coarse salt
Over ‘both’ shoulders,
Steadied the cut-glass pitcher,
And folded curd
In a spotted napkin.
When the panting corridor of air
It slapped
The courtyard child,
Her child,
Oblivion bound...
Omitted is the sound
Of love’s collision.
Stefanie Bennett has published eighteen books of poetry and one novel. She has acted as a
publishing editor and worked with Art’s Action for Peace. Of mixed ancestry [Italian/Irish/Paugussett-Shawnee], she was born in Queensland, Australia, in 1945. Her latest poetry title ‘The Vanishing’ is due at year’s end. Publisher; Walleah Press. 

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