Sunday, September 14, 2014

James Babbs- Three Poems

We Can’t Have Everything

that day when I saw her
and I wanted to tell her
but the words
got caught in my throat and
I started coughing
trying to catch my breath
and she asked me
if I was okay
nodding my head
before I could speak
I just need a drink
I said
and she smiled
handing me a glass of water
I said
but do you have anything stronger
and she laughed
but I was only half-joking
then she pulled out the bottle
of Jack Daniels from the cupboard
and I asked her
do you have any Cokes
but she shook her head
I think there’s diet Dr. Pepper
somewhere in the fridge
she said
I told her
that’ll have to do

I Wrote This a Couple of Hours Ago

at one point
I had four clocks in my kitchen
but now
I’m down to only three
the last time
the power went out
I didn’t bother to reset
the one on the microwave
I don’t know why
I need three clocks
all in the same room
I just like knowing
what time it is
no matter where I’m at
I can’t think of
anything better than
sitting here every morning
drinking my coffee and
watching every minute of
my pathetic life slipping away
can you?

One I Never Sent

the other day when I was
rummaging through my desk
looking for something else
I came across the card
stuffed in the top drawer
the one I never sent to you
the one where I wrote down
all the things
I missed about you
and I remember
how I was all ready to
put it in the mail
before realizing it was too late
and it sounded too desperate
holding it in my hand
the square blue envelope
and the postage stamp
stuck sideways in the corner
with the heart on it
that had never been cancelled

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