Saturday, July 26, 2014

Jennifer Lagier- 3 Poems & Photos


This old girl has endured storm winds,
salt mist, another cycle of drought.
Time and termites have conspired to topple;
severely deformed, she still holds her ground.
Blackbirds and squirrels invade with impunity,
navigate sagging limbs, explore bark and roots.
Her trunk bends from dowager humps, spine
twisted, branches lopped leaving silvery scars.
Recognizable landmark, she clings to hillside,
keeps hikers on the trail, points lost wanderers home.

Vista Point at Leffingwell Landing

Sun slides downhill toward ocean
as a ranch wagon drawn by
identical gold Percherons
clatters along motel row.
Seagulls and pelicans
ride cooling wind currents,
flaunt aerodynamics, glide
north above radiant beach.
Moonstones rim gilded surf,
accentuate flaming sky,
invoke indigo nightfall
above burnished bay.


Swollen planet glows, silverplates
oak forest, floats above pine.
Crows and turkey vultures vanish.
Woodpeckers have called it a night.
Roof and walls seem claustrophobic.
Darkened patio, chill chaise beckon.
Supermoon awakens odd yearnings,
overwinds the imagination.
Cool sister, shadow doppelganger
of sun, slides across blackened heavens.

Jennifer Lagier has established a sordid reputation as an unrepentant snake aficionado.

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