Monday, February 3, 2014

Shaquana Adams- Two Poems

Love Gone Sour

Two face each other.
One mass of heat, love, ignite
The other is cold…

Unius Flos (One Flower)

Do you remember Love?
When I told you I'd write a poem for you?

Almost cliche
Friends turned lovers,
normal conversation turned to midnight texts.
We were two leaves of a flower stem.

You signed up like a fool.
Knowing me better than anyone else,
you put your name on the dotted line,
looked up and smiled

I loved you for that
Being strong for me
when I had been strong enough for two people.

What took you so long?
Scared of rejection, you were.
Better than my excuse of trying to ignore the truth.
But one night on a small bed changed that quick.

You knew what you were doing...

And now, torn by love's cruelty and war
I feel you feeling me
and although our hearts beat
on different sides of the world,

our flower survives.

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