Saturday, February 15, 2014

Michael Cluff- Two Poems

Day 14

The wind batters the numbus
I see around his head
he in the bow-tie
strached white shirt
and blue herringbone sportscoat
gray dress slacks
and brown wingtips.
I worry that the miracle
has happened
the one to set
me into a place
of pariahs and
unsatisfactory grades.
Then Mr. Drago
the street light
is open to my full view.
I sigh but out of angst
since my difficult class
is now unblessedly
meeting again
but at least
he is not the
I have always
and feared him
to be...

Day 25

The one minute deluge
of white noise
static inside the internal catcomb
induces not a reaction
in Roberto
who puts on his tight blue dress shirt
red wool knit tie
graey cuffed slacks
blue-green glen plaid sports coat
and black wingtips
just every other work Wednesday
since Nixon was expelled
from the White House
and proceeds
forever forth.

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