Friday, November 1, 2013

Matthew J. Hall- Three Poems

Bitter Sweet

Decayed sorrow
seeps from her pores
into the syrup
drizzled and spread
on her inner thighs,
spread. Her lover licks
at it skilfully. It is bitter sweet
on her tongue.

cognitive dissonance

it is a shame
to be yearning for two opposing extremes
bored with middle ground
playing at productivity
pretending to care about family, work, timetables and all other such inconveniences

it is a loathsome state of affairs
when in full awareness one walks into a trap
a self made, carefully hand crafted trap

it is a waste
after weeks, months, sometimes years of reasoning
deciding, choosing the right side of the track
to suddenly, from nowhere, turn left as the returning mutt

it is contradictory
multiple, heavyweight, determined personalities
all battle out for gained ground
and for what?

it is predictable
both paths are bloodied and brutal
the well intended, who tries to paint truth onto white clouds and fresh air
and the buried head, who spits out grains of sand as he lies
will both have their time as the killer and the killed

it is an unfortunate predicament
when love become nothing more than a word
when both parties of the same being become overwhelmed by tiredness
and there is nothing for it but to give it all over
hoping for quiet, hoping for peace

it is lost
standing over the sink
surrounded by filthy dishes, pots, pans, glass in hand
wavering over the drain, shaking, gagging at the hands of the stench in the vapours from the vodka
knowing that as the many bottles before it
by the stinking sink hole
or the cunt-hole of a mouth
a decision must be made

Love's Gentle Fingers

She touched my inner man
with her soft, subtle fingers and
all at once my understanding of all things
shattered into tiny pieces.
I was wrecked; ruined for this world.
She healed and destroyed me, stripped
away every well formed pretension.
Turned me into a moronic genius and
all I could do was stand and stare
like a naked idiot. 

Bio: Matthew J. Hall is a writer who lives in Bristol England. More about him and links to his published work can be viewed at

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