Saturday, September 7, 2013

Daniel Wilcox- Two Poems

The Dog's Bite

The Tali-banned dog fighting and music,
But America permits the dog-bite-
Partying of religious Afghans
In the fanged gamble, their money’d
Heroin poppies up, jagged blooms
Clawing the world market
Leech flowers blossoming deep, needle
In 'Vein' to others circusing the world round engulfed,
And the propped legislature votes
The blooded zenith
To execute apostates,
Ah well so sick
And punish blued wives who left
Hell! For several thousand bills, fighters
Can get out of jail free cards
So much jawing teeth
Dogging our warn flag-budded tail.

So let’s get Syria-ous…

Previously published in a different form
by The Recusant in the U.K., 2008

Gum Up

Notice how ‘theoillogicalies’
Gum up the worded worlds

Stretchnosepuppet the truth

Jaw-chewing, teeth gnawing
It all out of shape
Are the ‘dickens-dammed,’
Bubblegummed worst

To remove

Undersides of study desks
Or our floored mind

First published in
Poydras Review

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