Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dawnell Harrison- Three Poems

A silent shroud

The winter is cast in ice –
The cold-hooded mother’s

Dregs are in full bloom.
The red-hot cauldron

Of the morning sun cannot
Melt this snow tundra,

It cannot be shaken down.
I watch the flakes descend

In a silent shroud –
The season is dragging

Me down like the pull
Of the ocean’s tide.
Plenitude has no voice here.


The reflection of garnets
Darkens in the sullen night

Of your eyes.
Once they were little crushed

Diamonds of light.
Your body is a stream

That leave me holding

Your eyes are winters
Glazed in ice.

The world whitens
Under the ashes
Of your memories.


Moonlight licks the back
Doorstep eaves.

Shadows whisper
In the deep dark hole

Of the night.
Lost in a black space

The roses bleed the
Backyard red.

The night swallows me
In a quivering circle.

I have been published in over 60 magazines and journals including The Endicott Review, Abbey, Iconoclast, Nerve Cowboy, Mobius, and many others.

Also, I have had 3 books of poetry published through reputable publishers titled Voyager, The maverick posse, and The fire behind my eyes.

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