Thursday, December 6, 2012

Neil Ellman- Two Poems

My Mind

My mind—
gears and wheels
spindles and wires
neurons on fire
feigning predictability
seeming to be balanced
always on time
in tune
at peace
with the universe—
but not my self.

Sum Ergo Cogito:  Descartes
Comes to His Senses

I think
therefore I am
but what you see
is hardly me
or what I think
or what I am
or what I know
is me
or am
or used to be
or will
you think
you know
who or what
or if
I am
or think
or know
what you think
I know
I think
I know
what I am
or what it is
or think I think
I am
therefore I think—
it’s a better thing
not to think
at all.

Twice nominated for Best of the Net, Neil Ellman lives and writes in New Jersey.  More than six hundred of his poems appear in print and online journals, anthologies, broadsides and chapbooks throughout the world.

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