Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Korliss Sewer- A Poem


At 3 a.m., a streetlight rests mortally wounded by the side of a quiet, rain-dampened boulevard. Ripped from the concrete in which it stood vigil for so many years, its stoic form lies silently tethered by a red wire and two splintered bolts. A casual passerby moves it to wet grasses; its fragments kicked curbside by a cowboy boot.

Tomorrow they will come to clean up the shards of glass and twisted metal. But tonight, its unblinking eyes stare upward into a star-filled sky watching satellites
streak distantly.

Korliss Sewer enjoys writing about off-beat topics while watching off-beat people doing off-beat things.

Publishing credits include:  BlazeVOX, SubtleTea, Orange Room Review, amongst a few others.

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