Monday, December 24, 2012

Hal Sirowitz- A Poem

Downsizing the Relationship

I was excited about girlfriend number 12. The way she kissed me only added fire to my imagination. I kept singing before our date Neil Young’s “Tonight’s the Night” we would become intimate. But I had to keep altering the song to ‘Next Weekend Must be the Night” when she sent me home early because she claimed she had to study for a math test. The only math I cared about was one plus one equals two. But she was long past simple economics, wanting to engage in complex formulas. She worked for a financial analyst, whose specialty was downsizing businesses. I don’t know how much she helped him, but she certainly downsized our relationship until I had so little part in it there was nothing left for me to do but leave graciously.

Hal Sirowitz is the co-winner of the NoirCon 2012 Poetry Contest, selected by Robert Polito. He's also the author of a new book of poems from Backwaters Press, "Stray Cat Blues."

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