Monday, September 17, 2012

Neil Ellman- Two Poems

This Moment Now

Of a moment
I am
(you as well)
in split-second
trapped between
here & there
flesh & dust
“J’ & “L”
Venus & Jupiter
by the past
I am lost
too slow
to catch
the future tense—
if this is life
(yours too)
I am confined
heaven & hell.

Of Two Minds

I am of two minds
two brains
right hemisphere and left
one of logic
that sees you as you are
the other imagines
what I wish
two minds
engaged and disengaged
bored and interested
aroused, reposed
incapable of choice
confused by neurons
charging doubts
on your credit card—
it is you I want, I think,
but not just now.

Neil Ellman is a Best of the Net nominated poet living and writing in New Jersey.  His poetry appears in numerous print and online journals throughout the world, as well as in nine chapbooks, the most recent of which, Double-Takes, is available as a free PDF download at

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