Monday, April 30, 2012

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems


you're the adder
in the grass I must slay
for your poison has
killed many with its mighty
zing; lips of false promises denied
glitter in your greedy eyes
be still and die, venomous snake,
before I crush your head under my heel.

broken castle

oceans of emotion lay buried beneath
the surface and they threaten to overwhelm
and destroy me, but you conjure only the
best moons and stars to pirouette their
light into my life; I had once forgotten
the topography of a smile yet you have
revived the sunshine in my life when I
thought darkness would sweep into
me and drag me  through a riptide you
were there to rescue me a princess locked
in a castle of herself - you broke the
glass of introspection and forced me to
breathe in the reality of the world and
you, and I'm all the better for it.

goblin queen

if you were Jareth
I'd be your goblin queen,
I would kiss away
your anger and hold unto
my owl in a love fiercer
than the talons of a hawk
or the teeth of a bobcat -
you danced your magic
into my life;
you stripped away all
illusions that life was predicatable
or easy, yet through all
the marrow of me you
bit through you left me a
promise of eternity,
and I would be a fool
if I didn't take it -
dance over me your riddles
wash me into you,
pour your love into my hips
and gyrate sense out of meaning,
give me the rainbow
you once promised me,
and let us recolor this world.

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