Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sarah Gamutan- A Poem

I want to be the most wanted that day,
perhaps within top ten list of best shitheads.
Ladies kissing my pictures. My life - their music.
Stereos rambling, twitter tweeting. Knock- offs
of my dresses sold out. All database relative to
my profile. Nothing better than being followed
at. I wonder, does it make any better when your
name is at the top ten trends in Yahoo? More
paparazzi and the worst is gruesome style. "You
have to look unique to be remembered." Why
love. Why impeccably flawless. What about us
knuckleheads who only get notorious at night, or those
introverts who are noticed only when called. People
from unwanted nature? or from the dangers of
castaway who got consumed by greed? Lovers
who secretly love? Humans who secretly live.
They will be the most trending. They are my stars.
Sarah Gamutan's poems have been published in many online publications including The Scarlet Sound, The Legendary, Subliminal Interiors, Poetry Bulawayo, Every Writer's Resource and Ygdrasil. Her works are scheduled to appear in Negative Suck and Crack The Spine. She hails from Philippines where she works as a Customer Support Associate at  night and a poet at heart by day.

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