Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sarabjeet Garcha- Three Poems

What Makes Me Believe in Reincarnation

a memory that sings
of sepia nights

ghost fingers that touch
the gossamer of spent days

a heart that seeks asylum
in the igloo of imagination

icicles that prick
the ageless heat of the body

dreams that ripple
with recollection

a meteor that hovers
on the edge of her nose ring

Your Handwriting

the silt of
an ink-river

rolling into

a relic chamber
painted with

the heart’s hieroglyphs
the soul’s trompe l’oeil

(for Sudhanshu)


Two glass curtains
veiling your eyes
showed me to me

in two neat pieces
in mirrors

and unearthed
my bipolar personality

while my singularity

into the water bodies
of your vision

Sarabjeet Garcha published his first book of poems, The Half-Moon Halo, in 2004. His work has appeared in The Vocabula Review, Foundling Review, The Literary Burlesque, and Indian Literature, among others. He also writes in Hindi, and his first book of Hindi verse, Vaani Phir Bhi Shoonyamanaa (Even Then Voice Is Tranquil Hearted), was published in late 2011. His English translation of selected poems of the award-winning Marathi poet Hemant Divate is in press. Sarabjeet lives in Delhi, where he works as an editorial manager for an international publisher of scientific, technical, and medical books. He can be reached via

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  1. Sarab, existence has blessed you!