Wednesday, February 8, 2012

David Pointer- A Poem

One Marine’s Tale

Mike didn’t want
destabilizing democratically
elected governments on the
other end of his sniper rifle,
so he took his place
unemployed           watching
lines grow like  lions’ tails
watching                his boys
video games making over
their easy going masculinity
into serviceable product, and
the post traumatic stress
                disorder diagnosis
following him around had
nothing to do with war time
atrocities, or a well placed
shot, rather being deployed
by upward mobility
                 mapmaker bureau
so far down range at home as 
to be a fringe area non-factor
David S. Pointer has recent acceptances for "The War and Peace Poetry Anthology," "Indiana Horror Anthology 2012," and "The 5-2 Crime Poetry Weekly."

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