Friday, January 13, 2012

Sarah E. White- A Poem

Silly Life

Boggled completely
I am utterly befuddled
And also thrown for a loop
Exasperated at the thought
My eyes are unbelieving
Uncomprehending it at all
What a joke
Lovely words and phrases for a dirty word
Silly life
Such a thorny rose
So sweet to breathe
As my fingers bleed
I pricked them deep this time
While I was distracted
By senses more powerful than beauty
Softer than the delicate petals
That encapsulates its essence
I take in the warm aroma of life
Of desire
To take it into me
It pierces quickly
And now I bleed freely
The blood flows in dark scarlet droplets
Streaks down the smooth pale skin of my fingers
It plummets in a freefall of redness down to the floor
Happily bandaging
Taking in the sweetness of its many layers
Savoring the sweet sting
And sucking the salty tips of my fingers
Utterly befuddled by life’s delicate balance

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