Friday, November 25, 2011

Sarah Gamutan- A Poem

The trigger filled the barrel while the rest kept
inside guns of what they called themselves haters.
It was cold here that night when avengers invaded
this olden island. I knew what they meant when they
said death. They told me not only  the jungle got killed
but the rest of the men, too. They said losers like me
had to be careful, get my canteen, walk sparely, act
unbeaten and stay strong - boned. I was drenched with
blood,  but they just spat their wits on me, that they said
those were only tears and sweat, those got transparent
and numb, those got stupid too. They told me I'd never win
any battle, that I would only be a liability. At first, I discreetly
grabbed those armaments. Some of them are lethal. I saw them
looking at me dumbfounded. They snickered at my recessive
head - that head you knew which would always be bullied
and throbbed. They counted down my life. I conformed
to them, finally, so I'd  live. I had to be dominated. I knew
this place lived for only once that we had to pull those
triggers, shoot the rest til birds on trees got awakened
that we made their sarcophagus, instead. Once again,
these triggers didn't stop laughing. I was still helpless.

Sarah Gamutan's poems are forthcoming in Sparkbright Magazine, Poetry Space and Subliminal Interiors Magazine. You can visit her website at or find her at

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