Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lee Stern- Two Poems


I am afraid there are mobilities
upon which I can no longer stand.
And telling you this doesn’t upset me as much as I thought.
I thought that I would be able to stand there
with both feet on the ground,
using up my energy as a last resort.
When it became apparent that it wasn’t going to work out like that,
I panicked and started shredding all of my favorite books.
And I was so used to doing that, and saying that,
that every time I tried to move away from you
I only ended up further away from myself.
What the mobilities needed, I guess,
was a different way of determining if life
was to be lived full of advantages.
Or, if not advantages, reasons
that left when the world was restored.


Maybe the lady in the red dress knows what to say.
It’s been my experience that, if they’re wearing
a red dress, they know exactly what’s going on.
And the shoes don’t even have to match.
Or the bonnet or the gloves.
It’s the red quality of the dress.
And you can trust me on this.
I’ve investigated this very carefully.
Because once there was a woman who saved the world.
And she was wearing a red dress.
And when she took it off there were daisy chains
looking for mementos in cabinets that couldn’t be stilled.

Bio: Lee lives in Los Angeles. On average he writes ten poems for each one that is submittable.

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