Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Christopher Hivner- A Poem

In the Dark and in the Light
The desperation found me
in the a.m.
as it always did,
lying in bed
staring through
the haze of her breathing
looking for lies
that I could live with.
My head on a pillow
of my fingers,
propped at the perfect angle
to see the wall
and it's absence
of anything of me,
mine or ours.
She turned in her sleep
slipping her arm
over my chest,
resting her head
on my shoulder
before mumbling unconsciously
about missing things.
Her hair still held remnants 
of her flowery shampoo
mixed with the day's dirt.
The hairs tickled my nose
making me dream
of childhood,
my dog's fur 
under my hand,
a spring sky overhead,
the horizon
showing me the way forward.
Hearing the tick of the clock
as another hour turns
I slide my hand
over her warm skin
eliciting a coo.
She pushes tighter against me
settling a soft hand
on my stomach.
In a few hours
light will return
leaving me behind
in the darkness
where I mean more to her.                                     
The sun will steal
my relevance 
leaving me nailed
to the bare wall.
The only thing of mine here 
is me.
Bio: Christopher Hivner writes from a small town in Pennsylvania surrounded by books and the echoes of music. He has recently been published in Yellow Mama, Eye on Life and Illumen. A collection of short horror stories, “The Spaces Between Your Screams” was published in 2008. A chapbook of poetry, “The Silence Brushes My Cheek Like Glass” was published by Scars Publications and can be read for free at scars.tv
twitter: @your_screams


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