Friday, January 11, 2013

Allen Griffin- A Poem

Carapace Sole

The apartment is a honeycomb and it's easy to picture the building
In cutaway like an ant farm
Clicks and buzzing sounds surround
Four or five audible televisions provide comfort
A warm blanket of static

Every time a door closes it sounds like an explosion
Every good buzz is a cocoon; stasis

A knock at the door and moment to know if it’s the door to this unit
And some of us scatter like the switch has been flicked
The light a little brighter and we crawl through the basement window
It opens out to the courtyard
Rain mud; the ground so soft
I wish I had been on the second floor and just jumped from the balcony
Earthworms stick to the soles of our shoes
We laugh like little kids jump into puddles
Staring back in wonder; staring at our own flight

Bio:  Allen Griffin is a writer and musician living in Indianapolis.

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