Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bryan Murphy- A Poem

Inner City Courtyard

Balcony-vegetation colours offer updates
on the hit-and-miss diversity of changing seasons,
my neighbours’ plants shaming my own wrought rust.
Today, for Monday is still wash day,
synthetic rainbows flap, a rare windstorm
covers the hotel garden’s bush with witches’ knickers,
drowns the drone of marketing conventioners on its mikes
against the steady soundtrack of domestic discord,
heard above the traffic,
carpeted by thick walls.
Warm winter clouds of global pink
cross a sample of sky, deep smog-filtered blue,
challenging rooftop labourers, aiding suicidal cats
as evening drops and tiered lights synch on,
and shutters fall from ground-level up
in search of shelter from one hundred years
of lack of solitude.

Bryan Murphy is a retired translator and editor who now concentrates on his own words as a writer and an actor. His e-book, Linehan's Trip, is available from, while Goodbye, Padania is available from his website: .

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  1. I wrote this last winter, shortly after I'd retired and suddenly had plenty of time to observe Italian condominium life.