Friday, December 9, 2011

Sarah Gamutan- A Poem

Living With Avengers
Dilated capillaries were looking for you.
They wanted home deep inside your green
varicose veins. They crawled on such thin
bones, gargled blood and chewed marrows.
They gnawed like rats, spun around your
knees and gave so much pain each time your
head was  higher in altitude. The mind and
heart debated as to “who should kill the rust in
you”. The way you tossed and turned like an
impish slug was hideous. But you were that
careless. That’s why they wanted to kill you -
Like another tell- tale heart. That’s why they
resided in your system, said you were special
but only crushed your  bones slowly but surely.
That  time, vengeance was hurtful and coercible.

Sarah Gamutan's poems and stories are forthcoming in Poetry Space and Microstory a Week. She lives in Philippines where she works as a Customer Support Associate by night and a poet at heart by day.

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